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Larger Super Deluxe and Deluxe, spacious chalets are available made special with personal touches for that VIP cat of yours.  Your cat can enjoy a larger exercise and sleeping area with  specially selected beds.  There will be a selection of activity toys to keep him mentally and physically active and larger scratching posts and relaxing area.  


Your cat can expect a comfortable stay as these chalets are also insulated, with their own thermostatically controlled heaters catering for cold, winter days and cooler summer nights .  Your cat will be fed as per your wishes.


They represent excellent value for money. 


Daily Rate        Deluxe Chalet   =    £12.00 for one cat and two cats is £19

                        Super Deluxe Chalet   =   £14 for one cat and  £21 for two cats

These Prices Apply From 1st February 2024



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SD 3.jpg

The Moggy Motel Boarding Cattery                            Billinghay     Lincolnshire

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