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Booking forms can be downloaded, printed off and completed at your convenience from the link.  Alternatively you may call in for a booking form which can be completed in advance of boarding.  Any special needs, veterinary details, medication and dietary requirements can be discussed.   Arrival day, day of departure and all days booked are charged for, however we do make a concession of half a day reduction for pets collected by 12 pm.  If you know your collection  time please advise when booking.




The rates shown below include:

Boarding in a spacious, airy, luxury walk-in, themed chalet

Fully insulated and individually thermostatically controlled heating in each chalet with separate sleeping and exercise areas

Premium cat food

Hygienic soft bedding, toys and scratching equipment

Set in a countryside location


LUXURY THEMED CHALETS    (for the ultimate in luxury, feline furniture and plush soft bedding, scratch posts and a variety of toys to entertain the pampered cat in your life)   


Prices from 1st February 2024

  • ​  1 cat                        £11

  •    2 cats                     £17

LARGER, MORE SPACIOUS DELUXE CHALET is available for the VIP puss.  This chalet offers an elegant bed, a selection of activity toys and larger relaxing/play area. Please contact us to reserve this chalet.                                 

Prices from 1st February 2024

  •    1 cat                £12

  •    2 cats               £19

  •    3 cats               £21

  •    4 cats               £23

EXTRA LARGE SUPER DELUXE CHALET to spoil your precious puss, extra large scratching posts and exercise area.  Please call to discuss availability                                  

Prices from 1st February 2024

  •    1 cat                  £14

  •    2 cats                £21

  •    3 cats                £25

  •    4 cats                £27

Long term stay (over 1 calendar month receive a 10% discount). 

Only cats from the same household may share a chalet.

Chalets may differ slightly from picture.

Minimum fee is a 3 day charge.  Any additional fees incurred by us such as flea treatments etc, are payable upon collection of your cat.  £2 extra each cat for Christmas and Boxing Day.

We accept cash or cheques.  Charges  are for all days booked payable when collecting your cat.

  • Please bring your cat in a secure cat carrier.  This can be left at the cattery  for the duration of their stay.

  • We encourage you to settle your cat in his chalet before leaving, if you wish to bring an article that 'smells of home' to leave with your cat please feel free to do so.

  • We do not accept unneutered male cats 6 months of age or over.






The Moggy Motel Boarding Cattery                            Billinghay     Lincolnshire

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