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The Moggy Motel Cattery Billinghay







You are very welcome and encouraged to visit the cattery to have a look around and meet us.  Just contact us to make an appointment.  You can share with us your cat’s own personal requirements and be reassured that your cat will receive an abundance of care and attention.




Arrival and Collection of cats is by previously arranged appointment times, usually a time before 10am or after 4pm.  Viewings are welcome by previous arrangement.

The reception is closed Christmas and Boxing Day for the receiving and collecting of pets.




A condition of boarding is that your pet is in a fit and healthy condition and not suffering, or suspected from suffering any infectious or contagious condition, and have proof of vaccination.  Owners will appreciate that this is essential in order to safeguard the health of all cats boarded.  All cats must be fully inoculated against feline respiratory viruses (Feline Herpesvirus and Feline Calicivirus) and Feline Parvovirus (Feline Infection Enteritis) (FIE) with a booster received within the previous 12 months and at least 2 weeks before boarding.   A valid vaccination certificate must be presented upon arrival as a condition of residence. It is also advisable to vaccinate against Feline Leukaemia (FeLV). Cats should have received a flea and worm treatment prior to boarding.   If your pet falls ill during their stay they will be treated by your/our vet, the fees being the responsibility of the owner.

If your cat is on a prescription diet or receiving medication, please provide enough food/medication for the duration of his stay, medication to be in original veterinary labelled containers.

Charts recording food offered, urination and defaecation are kept to enable us to monitor the health and wellbeing of your cat whilst staying with us.  Litter trays are checked and faeces removed regularly throughout the day.





Everything your cat requires will be provided here, but if you wish to bring some of your pet’s bedding or toys, you are most welcome.  Having a familiar smell will help them settle.  We will try our best to keep them in the condition they arrive but cannot be held responsible if they are lost or damaged.




You may print off a booking in form  which can be completed in advance of boarding.  Any special needs, veterinary details, medication and dietary requirements can be discussed.  Arrival day, day of departure and all days booked are charged for, however we do make a concession of half a day reduction for pets collected by 12 pm.  If you know your departure time please advise when booking. Customers personal information held at the cattery will be accessible only to those involved directly with the care of your cat.  Written personal data will be destroyed 3 years after your cats' last stay at the cattery.


DAILY RATES FOR 2023   New Prices Apply From 1st February 2024


The rates shown below include:

Boarding in a spacious, airy, luxury walk-in, themed chalet

Fully insulated and individually thermostatically controlled heating in each chalet with exercise run

Premium cat food

Hygienic soft bedding, toys and scratching equipment

Set in a countryside location


LUXURY THEMED CHALETS  for the ultimate in luxury, feline furniture and plush soft bedding for the pampered cat in your life

  • 1 cat                      £10.50

  • 2 cats sharing       £16.50


A LARGER, MORE SPACIOUS, DELUXE CHALET is available for the VIP puss.  This chalet has an elegant bed, a selection of activity toys and larger relaxing/play area.

  • 1 cat                    £11.50

  • 2 cats sharing     £18.50

  • 3 cats sharing     £20.50

  • 4 cats sharing     £22.50


EXTRA LARGE SUPER DELUXE CHALET with sunning shelves next to windows overlooking the countryside, extra large scratching posts,  activity toys and  cosy, relaxing beds 

  • 1 cat                     £13

  • 2 cats sharing      £20

  • 3 cats sharing      £24

  • 4 cats sharing      £26


Long term stay (over 1 calendar month receive a 10% discount).  An additional daily charge of £2 per cat will be incurred for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Only cats from the same household may share a chalet.

Chalets may differ slightly from picture.

Minimum fee is a 3 day charge.  Any additional fees incurred by us such as flea treatments etc, are payable upon collection of your cat.

We accept cash and cheques for payment.  Charges are for all days booked payable when collecting your cat.

Please bring your cat in a secure cat carrier.  This can be left with your cat for the duration of his stay.

We encourage you to settle your cat in his chalet before leaving.

We do not accept unneutered male cats  6 months of age or over



The Moggy Motel Boarding Cattery                            Billinghay     Lincolnshire

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